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My Shots


Bouquet of Flowers

Last Friday was KOG's birthday and a couple of her friends sent her a bouquet of flowers. As usual I forgot to bring my camera (sigh). Anyway, here's some of the pictures I took using my phone camera.
Just me,

White Flower

A white flower which was one of the center pieces at The Terrace @ 5th.
No idea what's it called though.
Just me,


Well more like alien hands with very long fingers. These are Sampaguita buds taken via the macro mode.

Just me,


Here are some patterns taken via the macro mode:

Throw pillow
Glass candle holder

Our office blinds

Just me,

Caged Candies

I was testing out the macro mode of our latest digital camera. (Not to worry though I will still be using the Powershot). Here's the result:
Just me,

Brand New Camera

Last Christmas my cousin and his wife gave us a brand new Canon Ixus (IXY 25 IS). My sisters and I brought it with us during one of our walks. Here's some shots I took:
trying out the Macro, a closer look at a poinsettia.
Zooming it up for the carabaos
Finally, daylight shot of the Chapel nearby
Just me,

The Dolls

Look what I got for Christmas:

a set of Russian dolls (a.k.a. matrioshka dolls). One of my friends heard my wish. This set is made of wood and is about 3 inches (the biggest one). So you can just imagine why the last doll looks like that. ;)
Just me,